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HawkEye® XL


Call about Hunter’s Special Deals, Exciting New Products and to schedule an On-Site Demo Today!


Call about Hunter’s Special Deals, Exciting New Products and to schedule an On-Site Demo Today!

HawkEye® XL

HawkEye® XL HD Alignment Machine

Big or small, align them all

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Fast and highly-capable heavy-duty alignment machine

Three-dimensional XL targets are durable, low maintenance, and non-electronic

High-definition cameras are accurate, precise, and offer extra-long-range sight

Capture all measurements in a single rolling compensation

See live alignment reading from three axles at once

Perform wheel alignments on any surface, in any bay

Fully Integrated Alignment rack integration streamlines processes

HunterNet® 2 connectivity to see and manage your performance


Hunter's industry-standard vision technology built for commercial vehicles

XL Targets

Hunter’s patented 3D targets offer extreme durability, low maintenance, and no electronics at the wheel.

High-definition cameras

Extra-long range, high-resolution cameras precisely monitor each wheel in a 3D space to provide pinpoint accurate measurements.

Multi-Axle Readings

See live alignment readings from three axles at one time with guided procedures.

Alignments in any bay

Move the aligner for use in any bay, on the floor or a lift with adjustable camera beam.

Trailer alignment

Long range cameras easily see targets on 53 foot trailers. Align using optional kingpin adaptor.

Truck Pusher

Effortlessly move vehicle for rolling comp with rechargeable battery-powered pusher.


Return on Investment

Calculate your payback and XL profits

Alignment lift rack integration

Streamline the process with Fully Integrated Alignment (FIA)

1 trip

To the aligner console

0 jacking axles


81 steps

Total in the process

4 minutes

To get alignment readings

  1. WinAlign® console Communicates directly with lift to automatically operate turnplates and slip plates. 
  2. Heavy-Duty Four-Post lift console Raising the vehicle triggers the sensors to look for wheel targets. 
  3. PowerSlide® system Slip plates and turnplates automatically lock and unlock at the appropriate times.

Requires FIA-capable Hunter lift or turnplates


Ready for your entire fleet or whatever comes through your door

Align a wide range of commercial vehicles from semi truck tractors, trailers, big rigs, buses, box trucks, and even passenger vehicles.

Truck and Bus alignments

Trailer alignments

Medium-duty truck alignment

Truck and Bus alignments

Equip your shop to be ready for any vehicle.

Unmatched software

Patented technology maximizes productivity in your alignment bay

Guided procedures

Vehicle specific procedures guide the operator with step-by-step instructions.

Patented power tools

Procedures designed so you can complete the work accurately the first time, every time.

Light-duty vehicles

Additional features included for servicing light-duty vehicles.

HunterNet® 2 Portal

Take control of your equipment, numbers, and profitability

Real-time business tool to manage your most profitable equipment

  • Maximize your tire shop’s performance
  • Monitor your equipment ROI
  • Buy genuine Hunter consumables
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Options and accessories

Equip your shop for efficient alignments

Hunter’s Heavy-Duty Four-Post semi and truck lift features a 35,000-lb. lifting capacity, 300-in. alignment wheelbase capability, galvanized runways and turnplate pockets and slipplates for servicing standard vehicles. It can be equipped with optional Powerslide and FIA functions that connect it to the aligner to streamline your alignment process.

Turnplate options for floor or other racks


Utilize an existing pit


Enhance your rack


Great for new construction


Ultimate versatility

Other accessories

Hunter Solutions

Get the most out of your alignment system

Unlock profit potential with Quick Check® Commercial unmanned inspection

  • Keep your equipment producing with a steady stream of high-margin alignments
  • Scan every truck, axle and tire that comes into your shop with no technician required
  • Inspects for camber, total toe, scrub and tire wear in less than 30 seconds

Advance your alignment business


Self-Centering Adaptors

(Heavy Duty)

Fits 15-28″ rim diameter


ADASLink® with DAS 3000

(Light and Medium Duty)

Steering angle resets

Dynamic calibration

Static calibration


QuickGrip Adaptors

(Light Duty)

Two-axle vehicles

No metal-to-metal contact

See how other shops have supersized their alignment capabilities

Explore further

HD™ Elite

Heavy-duty wheel balancer

Eliminate wheel-related vibrations in heavy-duty assemblies using Hunter’s proven and patented balancer features.

Heavy-Duty Tire Changers

Safe and fast for big tires

Service over-the-road wheel assemblies up to tractor assemblies safely and without breaking a sweat.

Innovation Team


Hundreds of patented and exclusive features begin with the research and development team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers.

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