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Hunter Engineering introduces the ADASLink® diagnostic scan tool to guide techs through ADAS calibrations

7/28/2021 –
Complete step-by-step solution allows shops to keep ADAS alignment and calibration work in-house


ADASLink® from Hunter Engineering is a premium, full-diagnostic scan tool that includes ADAS calibration and secure FCA gateway capabilities. This complete solution custom integrates with Hunter’s WinAlign® software, providing the technician with quick access to specific calibration procedures for more than 25 million vehicles.

ADAS, or advanced driver assistance systems, is the fastest-growing automotive technology today. Yet comparatively few service providers are prepared to perform the intricate ADAS calibrations increasingly required by manufacturers.

The new ADASLink® scan tool expertly closes that gap with comprehensive ease and precision.

ADASLink® guides the technician with clear, step-by-step onscreen instruction, ensuring the calibration is completed according to OE requirements. Access to accurate ADAS data is critical, since these complex safety systems require recalibration following a wide range of typical services, such as wheel alignment, suspension repair or windshield replacement.

The versatile tool also provides thorough pre- and post-scan insurance documentation through HunterNet® 2, Hunter’s online customer software portal.

Dynamic calibrations are supported by ADASLink® alone. For static, in-bay calibrations, ADASLink® combines with the Bosch DAS3000, using built-in cameras and rear wheel-mounted targets to position the fixture in front of the vehicle, thus removing the need for string, plumb bobs and tape measures.

For the 2020 model year, 93 percent of vehicles came equipped with at least one ADAS component. ADASLink® enables shops to take control of this challenging work by decreasing steps, increasing efficiency and cutting calibration time in half.

“For shops inexperienced in ADAS work, calibrations can be very confusing, if not intimidating,” said Ryan Gerber, Hunter product specialist. “ADASLink™ removes all the guesswork by carefully walking the tech through the entire process, allowing shops to perform this profitable and important service in-house instead of subletting it to others.”

Hunter Engineering Company® is the global leader in wheel and tire service, alignment systems, brake service and inspection lane equipment. Hunter® equipment is approved and used by vehicle manufacturers, automobile and truck dealers, tire dealers and service facilities around the world.

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Hunter Engineering Company® is the global leader in state-of-the-art wheel alignment systemswheel balancersbrake lathestire changerslift racksdiagnostic scan tools and ADAS recalibration equipment. Hunter equipment is approved and used by vehicle manufacturers, automobile and truck dealers, tire dealers and service facilities around the world.


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