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HunterNet® Portal

Real-time business tool to drive your shop forward

Take control of your equipment, your numbers, and your profitability.

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HunterNet® 2 named winner in MOTOR Top 20

Hunter Engineering is proud to win another MOTOR Top 20 Award. This year, the honor comes for its groundbreaking HunterNet® 2 customer portal.

HunterNet® 2 Portal

Manage your most profitable equipment in real time

Monitor Your Performance!

  1. Are you maximizing your potential?
  2. Are you ahead of your goals?
  3. Others talk about ROI. Hunter proves it with your numbers.


  • Order HUNTER® consumables
  • Access HUNTER® Equipment data
  • View usage trends
  • Connect to your local Hunter Team
  • Get the latest Hunter News

Show me the ROI

Hunter equipment is the most profitable you can buy. See for yourself, every day.

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Consumables are easier

Replenish genuine Hunter consumable parts at your convenience

Equipment Results

Check in on your connected Hunter equipment from anywhere

Daily Report for Leaders

Boost shop performance by seeing your daily achievements and goals

Sign up for daily reports

  • Automatic, daily performance snapshots by email or text
  • View inspection rates and opportunities
  • Measure alignment numbers and conversions
  • Track balancing and Road Force® utilization
  • Achieve big audacious goals

Hunter Connected Equipment

The most profitable available and ready to prove it every day using HunterNet® portal

Vehicle Inspection

Capture the most alignment and tire opportunities with Hunter unmanned equipment.

SmartWeight® Elite

Hunter Hawkeye Elite® systems report every wheel alignment.

SmartWeight® Pro

Road Force® Elite balancers eliminate vibration other balancer can’t and they report to HunerNet® so you can see, from anywhere, the job was done right.

SmartWeight® Pro

Revolution™ Tire Changers record every service, including before and after photos of the wheel and tire, tire pressure, and more.

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