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Maverick™ Tire Changing Machine


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Maverick™ Tire Changing Machine

Fully variable controls give the technician complete authority in the tire changing process

Uniquely designed SmartSet™ toolhead is easy to use

Hydraulic speed and accuracy are the best in the business

Smart safety features protect the wheel, tire and technician

InflationStation™ fills tires quickly to correct pressure

Designed and built in the USA using the finest US and global materials

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Made in the USA

The Maverick™ tire changing machine is proudly made in the USA using the highest-quality materials sourced domestically and internationally.

Fully Variable Controls

Gain complete authority in the tire changing process

Technician-focused, responsive controls

Articulating leverless system

Tool head simultaneously adjusts with base to the wheel size

SmartSet™ Toolhead

Unique toolhead design focuses on efficiency and safety

SmartSet™ leverless advantages

  • Indicator notch shows proper set height
  • Demounting hook deploys to catch and lift bead traction point on any assembly
  • Eliminate lever damage risk to the operator or rim
  • Safely and easily service clad and raised spoke wheels

1. Position

Set the toolhead to the correct position. SmartSet™ indicator notch shows proper set height.

2. Lower Hook

With the mounthead properly set, the demounting hook lowers to catch the bead.

3. Raise Hook

The hook raises, lifting the bead above the rim for demounting.

Smart Software

Built-in features protect the wheel, tire and technicia

Intelligent safety and productivity

  • Monitors roller and hook positions to prevent unintended wheel contact
  • Logic automatically “homes” rollers, head, and wheel lift for hands-free productivity
  • Allows customization of travel and rotate speeds, ramp rate, and more
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RollerLock™ clamp

Safe & quick
  • Ball bearing threads clamp quickly and tightly
  • Lever handles multiply clamping force
  • Smooth surface prevents center bore damage

Bead press arm

Powerful assistance
  • Simple joystick control
  • Handles the toughest tires
  • Arm rotates with wheel
  • Lifting ledge allows pusher to be used as a bead lifter

Hydraulic power

Full control & power 
  • 0-17 RPM fully variable speed forward and reverse rotation provides fast cycle times
  • Each tool can be moved quickly or slowly and held as needed
  • No erratic movement when loaded and unloaded

Underside mirror

Accessible viewing
  • Correctly position bottom roller
  • Fixed location never needs adjustment

Wheel Lift

  • Lifts the heaviest assemblies with ease
  • Auto-lowering saves time and prevents damage
  • Configurable pedal operationr

Flange plate kit

  • Ideal for plastic clad wheels or reverse wheels
  • Offers maximum protection


Inflate all tires to their correct pressure

Automatic mode quickly fills tires to desired pressure, allowing technicians to walk away while inflating

Adjust pressure settings to specify the correct air pressure

Blast inflation directs a large blast of air for tough bead seating

Match-mount tires when paired with a balancer

The Maverick™ tire changer’s bead rollers allow spinning of the tire on the rim, helping match-mount the stiffest point on the tire to the low spot on the rim.

When used with Hunter’s Road Force Elite® wheel balancer, the Maverick™ quickly and easily helps eliminate vibration problems balancers alone can’t fix.

Optional HunterNet® 2 Connectivity

Take control of your equipment, numbers, and profitability

Equipment intelligence tools help you manage your business and profits in real time

  • Maximize your shop’s performance
  • Monitor your equipment ROI
  • Buy genuine Hunter consumables
  • View real-time equipment activity

See how other technicians take control of tire changing

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Innovation Team


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