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Nissan and Infiniti Authorize Hunter Engineering’s ADAS Calibration Equipment

Nissan and Infiniti have officially endorsed Hunter Engineering’s Ultimate ADAS calibration system for use within their dealership and collision repair networks, as announced in a recent press release from Hunter. The company asserts that this tool significantly reduces the common mistakes associated with manual calibration methods for static advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) by eliminating the need for traditional tools like plumb bobs, strings, and tape measures. Instead, it utilizes a laser mounted on a gimbal for precise target positioning.

The Ultimate ADAS system is reported to cut down on the preparation time for certain calibration processes by up to 70%, by automating adjustments for height, roll, pitch, and yaw.

Ryan Gerber, a product specialist at Hunter, explained in the press release that while calibration processes are not inherently difficult, the setup phase can be quite labor-intensive. “With this new system, techs won’t need to learn geometry on the fly with strings and plumb bobs since the lasers will locate the precise spots almost instantly.”

This system, which features a gimbal-mounted laser and Hunter’s WinAlign software for on-screen guidance, is designed to correct for errors due to uneven floors and incorrect placement by verifying measurements with laser precision. WinAlign is noted for its alignment capabilities.

The device is also designed for easy transport within a workshop, thanks to its compact packaging. Hunter Engineering highlights on their website that the system not only confirms the accuracy of placement and procedures but also generates comprehensive reports in both print and digital formats, and can be integrated with OEM scanning tools.

Kaleb Silver, Director of Product Management at Hunter Engineering, shared in an email that the company achieved Nissan’s endorsement through a series of tests and evaluations conducted by Nissan’s engineering and other teams. “We were very pleased to gain Nissan approval for Ultimate ADAS so the Nissan and Infiniti dealer and collision networks can benefit from documented and streamlined static ADAS calibration procedures that are fast and easy.”

As of the announcement, Nissan had not provided comments regarding the Ultimate ADAS. However, it’s noteworthy that Honda and Acura had previously approved the system for their dealership networks, as mentioned in the press release.

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