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Ultimate ADAS®

Ultimate ADAS®

Hunter Ultimate ADAS®

Completely guided wheel alignment and ADAS calibrations in one

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Wheel alignment and all static ADAS calibration done in the same bay, with the same equipment

Alignment and static ADAS calibration done in the same bay, same equipment

Mobile design allows movement to other working locations

Mobile design allows movement to other working locations

Error-proof monitoring of steps and confirming of position keep technicians on track

Full document report records confirmed placements and procedures in printed and digital formats

Full, around the vehicle target placements for static procedures.

Select OEM scan tool integration ready

HunterNet® 2 connectivity presents your equipment activity and shop profitability

Installation and training is included

Integrated with and approved by select OEMs

More coming soon...

All-in-one solution

Fastest, easiest ADAS calibrations plus profitable wheel alignment

Spot-On Target Placement

Patent Pending

Error-Proof Procedures

Patent Pending

World-Class Documentation

Standard-Setting Alignment

Auto Height, Roll, Pitch, Yaw


HunterNet® 2 Portal

Equipment Intelligence

ADAS Calibrations

Full, around the vehicle static ADAS calibrations

Guided procedures replace complicated service manual steps.

Put away your plumb bobs in favor of spot-on guided target placement.

Fully-documented results tell the whole story from start to finish.

Forward-Facing Camera

Confirmed placement in

4:00 minutes or less

On-screen guidance walks technicians through every step of the process.

Forward-Facing Radar

Confirmed placement in

3:30 minutes or less

On-screen guidance walks technicians through every step of the process.

Surround View

Confirmed placement in

3:30 minutes or less

On-screen guidance walks technicians through every step of the process.

Lane Watch

Confirmed placement in

4:00 minutes or less

On-screen guidance walks technicians through every step of the process.

Blind Spot / Rear Corner Radar

Confirmed placement in

3:45 minutes or less

On-screen guidance walks technicians through every step of the process.

Documented processes

Fully-recorded, memorialized process gives insurance companies what they need

Confirm calibration process and placement

Show before and after measurements

Easy-to-understand graphics

Digital report automatically archived

See the full details of your alignment

  1.  General Information: See all high-level service information such as date, time, vehicle make and model, and your business info for customers to contact. 
  2. Wheel Alignment: View before and after measurements of toe, camber, and caster for all four wheels of the vehicle in easy-to-understand colors and graphics.
  3. Steering System Reset: Get confirmation of a steering system reset when required by OEM service information.
  4. Target Placement Procedure Confirmation: Depending the vehicle’s equipped systems, you can review ADAS calibration procedures for front-facing cameras, front-facing radars, blind spot monitoring, surround view monitoring, side view cameras, and lane departure warnings. 

a. Easy-to-understand explanation of the function and importance of the particular safety system being realigned

b. Graphic demonstrating the use of the safety system

c. Images and identifiers of the specific targets used in the alignment

d. Proof of proper workspace requirements, target placement, and calibration

e. Chart and image showing the exact X, Y, and Z coordinates of target placements, as well as various angle measurements

f. Status displaying the date of the system’s last calibration.

Simplify your ADAS calibration processes!

Ultimate ADAS® eclipses all alternatives

Savings available from current flat rate guides. Exact times and savings depend on vehicle.

Don't feel the pain of an inadequate process

Ultimate ADAS
Fixture-based methods

Fixture-based setups

  • Reserved open space accumulates “stuff” between calibrations
  • Square footage is expensive
  • Single purpose fixture only sees occasional use
  • Damage risk to move and store

Ultimate ADAS®

The OEM procedure

Using the printed OEM manual and procedure, the process to place forward- facing targets takes 25 minutes of crawling on the floor with strings, tape measures, and plumb bobs.

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World Standard Wheel Alignment

Ultimate ADAS® shares every world-class benefit as Hunter's leading HawkEye Elite® system

Upgraded WinAlign® software

Award-winning WinAlign® software maximizes productivity and reduces complexity.

No hassle, no damage wheel targets

Patented QuickGrip® wheel adaptors with 3D targets clamp on easily with no damage to the wheel.

High resolution cameras

The trusted four-camera system dedicates a camera to each wheel, ensuring accuracy and tracking adjustments.

Rolling compensation

QuickComp® compensates all wheels and capture initial measurements in one motion.

Faster Caster

Non-stop caster sweep motion saves time, increases speed and reduces battery drain from brake light draw.

Reset steering angle sensors

CodeLink® resets on-board computerized steering systems on a wide variety of vehicles.

ADAS Calibration Targets

Targets acquired

One stand for many targets

Guided and confirmed placement around the vehicle for specific radar and camera calibrations

  • Laser placement crosshairs with location confirmation
  • Easy height and floor level control
  • Locking ball joint adjustment

Full target library for select OE vehicles

  • Forward-facing camera targets
  • Forward-facing radar plate
  • Surround view camera mats
  • Lane Watch targe

Installation and training included!

The industry’s largest network of 750+ local representatives will get you set up and making profits right away.

HunterNet® 2 Portal

Take control of your equipment, numbers, and profitability

Real-time business tool to manage your most profitable equipment

  • Maximize your tire shop’s performance
  • Monitor your equipment ROI
  • Buy genuine Hunter consumables

Return on Investment

Quickly pay for your ADAS investment with alignments alone

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Designed & Built in the USA

Family owned, goal-driven

Expert assembly goes into each alignment system, alignment console, tire changer, balancer, brake lathe, and other components.

Innovation Team


Hundreds of patented and exclusive features begin with the research and development team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers.

Hunter service

Largest in the industry

Hunter deploys the largest service force of highly-qualified representatives in the industry.

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